Like Chocolates? Switch To The Low Sugar Dark Ones!

Never have I ever in my life came across a person who did not like dark  chocolates. The origin of chocolate dates back to ancient times when it was discovered from the cocoa plant. Ever since then, chocolate has been treasured by everyone across the oceans. From kids to the elderly, nobody can say no to chocolates.

Chocolate companies have been releasing various variants when it comes to chocolates, a dessert cherished by everyone. You get chocolates made with nuts, jellies, and an endless list of varieties in the market. Then there come low sugar chocolates, which have undoubtedly taken over the business. As the name suggests, these are very low in terms of sugar percentage, which is an excellent strategy implied by the chocolate-making companies.

So, How Do I Know If It Is Low In Sugar?

Every other brand out there has their versions of low sugar . But are they better than the regular ones? Or is it just a marketing tactic to attract the masses? Well, your answer is at the descriptive text on your chocolate wrapper. You can see the percentage of cocoa and sugar used for making the product, and the rest you can decide by yourself. Go with the one having at least 60% cocoa and not less than that.

Low sugar chocolate is suitable for those trying to lose weight but cannot ditch chocolates. An occasional bite here and there is fair, but if you have a problem of going overboard while having chocolates, it would be a problem even if you replace it with fewer sugar ones. Remember, moderation is the key. Do not go for more than anything between 30 gm- 60 gm in a day.

There are researches which has proven scientifically that dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants. They are also high in nutrient count. The secret behind its beneficial effects is cocoa, which is the main ingredient that comes from the cocoa tree. Chocolates are a gift of nature that has been processed by humans to make it eatable. But, dark chocolates are unprocessed, and they are made of cocoa and milk.  

dark chocolate benefit


Let us have a look at the benefits of low sugar dark chocolate.

  • A Cure for Your Depressive Times

    Thrombomine is a naturally occurring component that is found in dark chocolate. Do you experience the high which you get after having a shot of coffee? Similar is the case of dark chocolate since caffeine is a sister component of thrombomine. Apart from that, there are two more chemicals; Anandamide and Phenethylamine, which are again good energy and mood boosters.

  • Keeps cardiovascular Disease At Bay

     Various analyses have shown that people who eat dark chocolate regularly are at low risk of getting heart disease. There has not been any scientific claim for the same. The flavonoids present in dark chocolate are responsible for maintaining good heart health. This is due to the presence of nitric oxide in it, which is great for relaxing the nerves and reducing blood pressure.

  • Keeps you alert: 

    Another great effect of eating dark chocolate is that it keeps you alert. This is due to the presence of flavanol in it. This eventually leads to a good performance rate in your day to day activities.

  • Get relieved from cough:

     If you are suffering from common season change problems like cough and cold, grab a dark chocolate bite. You read it right! The zinc present in dark chocolate can help you with your common cold. Some people have even reported better results from dark chocolate as compared to the over the counter medicines that are meant to treat your cold.

  • Immunity booster:

     Several dieticians in the world suggest having dark chocolate regularly. The cocoa work’s phenolic compounds as an immunity booster and help your body fight against the free radicals—no more doctor visits.

  • Sharpens your memory:

     A study was conducted to understand the impacts  on the brain. There was a significant positive change in the volunteers’ memory who were given chocolate rich in cocoa. This was due to the flavonoids present in it, resulting in enhanced blood flow. It was concluded that dark chocolate could be great for people suffering from an impaired memory by improving brain functionality.

  • Effective to keep your fetus healthy:

     As we have already discussed, dark chocolate is known to lower your body’s blood pressure. Pregnant ladies should have dark chocolate during their pregnancy stage. Some ladies can face preeclampsia, a condition in which blood flow to the fetus is restricted or terminated due to high blood pressure. This is dangerous for the baby in formation.

  • Rich in antioxidants:

     Dark chocolate is high in antioxidant percentage, which is excellent for the body. There are free radicals in our bodies, which can even lead to cancer. Antioxidants have the power to fight against these radicals and destroy them.

  • High in nutrition:

     If these reasons were not enough for you to try low sugar chocolate, let us tell you that dark chocolate is high in nutritional aspects. You can find several beneficial nutrients, including omega-six fatty acids, zinc, magnesium, calcium, copper, caffeine, niacin, phosphorus, theobromine, etc.

  • Good for your RCB:

     Some studies have recorded a considerate effect of dark chocolates on Red Blood Cells in the body. People who ate dark chocolate have shown a good increase in red blood cell distribution width, which is excellent for improved blood flow.

  • Improvement in anemia:

     As we have already mentioned, dark chocolate is rich in iron, its regular consumption leads to aiding the iron deficiency in the body.

  • Glowing skin: 

    The presence of lots of nutrients in low sugar chocolate also improves the quality of your skin. The magnesium present in it boosts collagen production, which is a significant component that keeps it healthy. Dark chocolate is widely popular for anti-aging properties.

There are various other benefits of this low sugar chocolate. It is suitable for increasing good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. The credit goes to the unique natural properties of cocoa.

The low sugar levels in dark chocolate make it ideal for people who have diabetes and get the urge to eat something sweet, just like everybody else. Even when women get those period cramps, dark chocolate soothes the pain and calms down your mind.

Adapting The Taste Takes Some time.

Many people even switch to cakes made with dark chocolate, which is always a better choice. However, some do not like the taste of dark chocolates as they find it too bitter for their taste buds.

It would be safe to say that dark chocolate is an acquired taste. Hence, some people also like to go for dark flavored chocolate with vanilla or some other flavor. 

dark chocolate side effect

Are There Any Side-Effects Of Dark Chocolate?

As tempting as chocolates may seem, one cannot deny how unhealthy this temptation is. Although dark chocolate has an endless list of health benefits, everything that is good comes with a price.

Low sugar chocolates cause almost similar effects as caffeine. Excess of dark chocolate can lead to:

  • The feeling of nervousness,

  • The increase your number of toilet visits due to excessive urination,

  • It can induce the feeling of sleeplessness,

  • It can result in a fastened heartbeat,

  • Trigger your migraine issue,

  • It can cause constipation, 

  • can face skin allergies,

  • can feels intestinal discomfort,

  • It can cause stomach rumbling, etc.

This is the reason it is recommended to go slow with your urge for chocolates, even if it is low in sugar percentage.

Chocolates add a lot to health-related problems. Despite that, people are unable to cut them entirely from their lives. This is why the invention of low sugar chocolates or dark chocolates has changed everything in the chocolate industry. if you are looking to places to eat near me for your favorite dark chocolate, FoodOnDeal going to be best option for you.


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