Chicken Steak Via Online Food Delivery Service


Chicken steak is to tummy like the books are to the mind. The best chicken products are available at FoodOnDeal made with the finest quality ingredients, and fresh food served and delivered to you at your doorsteps by our, online food delivery service.

chicken steak via online food delivery service

Let’s talk about the yummy dish, Chicken Steak:

An American cutlet dish with chicken steak and is pan-fried with a coating of seasoned flour. It is identical to that of Austrian and Italian-South American dishes both known as Wiener schnitzel and Milanesa. There are no exact proofs of its origin. It is said that German immigrants in America firstly prepared it, and many variants of the dish have been evolved. A very delightful cuisine with all the goodness and full of taste gives you a never forgettable experience sure to leave good vibes of yum every time you take a bite of it. It is available in many variants, so one is never bored with chicken steak. Choose the right food to choose crown fried chicken Brooklyn for the best chicken steak to online food delivery service.

Chicken Steak:

Recipe and Preparation

chicken is to yummy like the books are to the mind

  • Steak is to cut into thin slices and is tenderized.
  • Then it is covered with egg batter, and flour is added with other seasonings.
  • After applying all the seasoning, the steak is then fried in a shallow pan.
  • Fresh ingredients used must be used and should be of good quality to ensure great taste.
  • The steak should be cooked in vegetable oil.


The steak can be served at any mealtime and is perfect for dinner and lunch. It can be served with mashed potatoes, biscuits and vegetables to enhance the taste.

The steak can be served at any mealtime

The cuisine is available at very affordable and pocket-friendly prices at FoodOnDeal. It is the best in restaurant delivery services with a vast menu to choose from to feed the Satan of your hunger. It’s very yummy and gives you a unique kind of delight to your stomach, and you feel like you are in the heaven of delicacies. It has a pleasant fragrance, which will increase your hunger. So don’t delay order it now, you might get exciting offers.

Below is the list of top 7 chicken fried steak restaurants that come with the new york city food delivery option.

1. The Halal Guys

This restaurant is operational for the last 26 years. And during its initial days of opening in 1990. It used to serve the only hotdog in the cart to the local Muslim cab drivers. In recent years this has gained name and fame And now has turned into a cult for serving steaming hot rice platters and sandwiches stuffed with halal fried chicken, along with gyro meat or falafel with the toppings of amazing white sauce.

the halal guys

2. Afghan Kebab House

It’s a common destination for people looking for a good hole-in-the-wall And is around there for decades, serving best, authentic Afghani foods. Afghan Kebab House also serves a variety of kebabs fresh off the charcoal grill. And its most cherished dish is Kabuli Palo that comes with combo kebab entree. All meat served at this place is Halal.

chicken fried steak afgan kebab


3. Ravagh:

The restaurant started 20 years ago by Amir Raoufi and Masoud Tehrani, both from Irani origin. Today this place is serving the best halal meat in the whole of Manhattan And is among the most loved Persian restaurants in New York City. The juicy chicken and the large stuffed pepper are the most admired cuisine. Please note that this outlet doesn’t serve Pork and Alcohol.

chicken fried steak

4. Sammy’s Halal:

This food outlet operates in Jackson Heights of Manhattan. It is famous for serving a distinctively South Asian flavour. Sammy’s Halal was serving people since 1997 And was first started by Sammy Noor, an immigrant from Pakistan. The restaurant soon became popular with the locals for serving falafel, hot dogs and fish plates. The fantastic food, taking into consideration all the aspects of hygiene, has bagged the prestigious Vendy Award as well. The halal fried chicken served with green mint chutney gives a unique aspect, which is further enhanced by fresh cilantro topping.

chicken steak sammy's halal

5. Cairo Steakhouse:

This is the first of its kind to operate in the New York upscale serving halal and contemporary American steakhouse in Egyptian style. It’s very much popular among the Muslim community of New York City.

chicken steak cairoFor serving kebabs, tajine dishes, and Middle Eastern appetizers, like – babaganoush,  grape leaves, moussaka, and hummus.

6. Mariachi:

It’s among the top halal Mexican food outlets in New York City. That serves Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and many more in its distinctive style and flavour. The portion for a single person is often enough for the two and all dishes prepared in traditional Middle East style and ingredients.

Halal crown fried chicken

7. Peri-Peri Grill House:

This restaurant operates from Brooklyn. And is famous for chicken burgers,chicken steak, wings, wraps, and salads not to mention cooked using halal chicken. The service is quite fast, and the place is very spacious, housing a narrow dining area that is clean and casual. This place is for fast-casual Peri-Peri chicken joints, which are spicy, delicious, and mouth-watering. Above are some top halal fried chicken restaurants. That is currently operating in New York City and helping people satisfy their desire for halal chicken meat.

 peri-peri house However, most of the above-listed restaurants do have food delivery options for Brooklyn. And other parts of New York City, there are also many food delivery Apps to let people order and get food delivered at their comfort. All thanks to the latest tech innovations! The best part of these food delivery apps is the timely offers and discounts, allowing people to save some extras on every order placed by using App. FoodOnDeal is also on that list that comes with many top-notch features. And super fast delivery options to get the food delivered from your favourite food outlet in no time at your front door.

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