Chicken Steak Via Online Food Delivery Service


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chicken steak via online food delivery service

Let’s talk about the yummy dish, Chicken Steak:

An American cutlet dish with chicken steak and is pan-fried with a coating of seasoned flour. It is identical to that of Austrian and Italian-South American dishes both known as Wiener schnitzel and Milanesa. There are no exact proofs of its origin. It is said that it was firstly prepared by German immigrants in America and over time many variants of the dish have been evolved over time. A very delightful cuisine with all the goodness and full of taste gives you a never forgettable experience sure to leave good vibes of yum every time you take a bite of it. It is available in many variants so one is never bored with chicken steak. Choose the right food to choose crown fried chicken Brooklyn for the best chicken steak to online food delivery service.

Chicken Steak:

Recipe and Preparation

chicken is to yummy like the books are to the mind

  • Steak is to cut into thin slices and is tenderized.
  • Then it is covered with egg batter and flour is added with other seasonings.
  • After applying all the seasoning the steak is then fried in a shallow pan.
  • Fresh ingredients used must be used and should be of good quality to ensure great taste.
  • The steak should be cooked in vegetable oil.


The steak can be served at any mealtime and is perfect for dinner and lunch. It can be served with mashed potatoes, biscuits and vegetables to enhance the taste.

The steak can be served at any mealtime

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