Coronavirus Bringing Hard Punches To New York City Food Services


Being one of the busiest cities in the world, New York has its fair share of populace. As a result, with the spread of COVID-19, things have taken up worse shape possible. Right now, as it stands, New York holds the most significant number of patients who are suffering from Coronavirus. New York holds 5% of the total COVID-19 cases all around the world. The city has become a battlefront of the fight between humanity and Coronavirus. In the past hour, 25665 cases got registered in the city. That is half of the total number of cases all across the states. The growth of the virus is due to the rapid expansion in the testing of the individuals. And also due to the accelerated growth of the virus throughout the city.

Coronavirus Bringing Hard Punches

Overlook, the loss of life number has gone up to 800, from which 210 are in New York. The city is trying its best to lower the number of new cases. and making sure people are getting their food supplies. But there is no place left to hide the truth about the food industry in the city. Which is taking some real hard punches in business and revenue due to this pandemic outbreak.

Food Pantries Of New York Are Facing Crises

The fast spread of the coronavirus has led its claws to the city’s food pantries and soup kitchens. With the rapid increase in the cases, dozens of food pantries are closing up there doors in the five boroughs. Also, the crucial volunteers who were helping. in delivering food and other necessary foodstuff are staying inside. As of Friday evening, as there are more than 1,000 pantries have suspended their services. which use to take supplies for their stores from Food Bank. Another news came out from the food policy official who said out of 600 food facilities 40 had closed already.

Food Pantries Of New York

On the other hand, some good news for the local residents. As the Mayor’s team is coming up with the terms to provide and deliver 150,000 meals daily. Which is more than 8 times the current tally in the coming days. But the nervous public of the city is looking for food materials to stock up in there home. As a result, supplies are tightening, and the prices are surging.

Last Friday, a producer vendor canceled his delivery of over 400,000 pounds of green vegetables and fruits. The delivery was expected to Met Council on Jewish Poverty. This council is one of the most prominent philanthropic organizations in the city. Which supplies to around 40 food pantries spread across the town. The CEO of the committee, Mr. David Greenfield, said they are on a lookout to find a new vendor. but there is no doubt it is going to cost the board a lot more than the previous one. Also, this is a decade-old organization that provides kosher food services to the people of all faiths. The organization was gearing up to provide Passover distribution ahead of the April holiday. When the virus took hold of the city’s daily life—causing the city, which never sleeps to stand still.

Food Pantries Of New York

On the other hand, Greenfield has already heard the sirens coming about the rising of the food prices. Which, as it stands, has put his buyers in competition with the big corporate giants such as Walmart and Costco. While the shortage of volunteers is another thing to worry about. As people heed directive given be the governing authorities not to leave their homes. Thus, Met Council has closed 40 of their food pantries, and the seniors it serves are taking shelter inside.

In his interview, David Greenfield said people who are living on hand to mouth don’t have enough finances. To stock up their pantries and lock themselves up like you and I. As a result, this is nothing short of a crisis.

The Street Food Vendors Are Closing Their Shops As Sales Comes To Standstill

As the coronavirus is spreading in the populace of the city like a bush fire, people are not coming out no matter what. As a result, the streets are empty, and so is the order slips of the street food vendors. You might see some food vendors still trying to find a customer in these crises to earn their living. But they can only in the outer boroughs. Manhattan, which used to be filled by the street food vendors. has been decamped as footfall of the public on the streets have gone down.

The head of the Steet Food Vendor Project Mohamad Attia. Who runs this non-profit organization that counts more than 2300 street food vendors across New York city roads. The majority of the people who run the street food shops are the immigrants and the people of color. Mohamad said only a few hundred members of the organization are still working. And selling out there food as most parts of the city have turned into a virtual ghost town. Likewise, the take out and delivery are not the options which the street vendors can take to sell their food.

As many of the street vendors are hoping for a shelter-in-place policy to cover their losses. The same is currently being in place in the Bay area. But Gov. Andrew Cuomo is denying any possibility of this policy taking shape in New York. Many of the food vendors are saying the thing is not going to change, and the business will be affected further. Also, many of the food vendors don’t think it is financially workable. for them to keep their vending stalls open now, as there is no one on the streets to buy food from them.

Ahmed Ebrahim, who owns a hot dog cart at the west 49th street and Sixth Avenue, had closed his cart since last week. He said, “I’m only able to make 20 bucks on Monday, and that doesn’t cover any of the basic needs which my family and I need at this moment.” he found out that there is a drop in the sales at the beginning of the last week. His business has come to a standstill over as the weekend approaches. Likewise, vendors who are determined to run their business even now are starting to get scarce. New Yorkers are not stopping their stockpile at the grocery stores. The world-renowned central park New York Dosa joint. Run by Thiru Kumar told them he’s having trouble finding the rice and dal to make the batter for his dosas. He also pointed out that his main customers, the students have gone to their homes.

New York Sikh Community Prepare Free Meal For Locals

In the time when everyone is stocking up their food resources in the city. One community has come up to provide help to the locals. The Sikh community of New York has approached the Mayor’s office. To produce food packaging, which could be handed out to several distributing federal agencies downtown. The 30,000 meals are all home-cooked for the people who are in self-isolation due to the spread of Coronavirus.

New York Sikh Community

Furthermore, the Monday morning onwards, the agencies will further help. In distributing and delivering the food free of cost to the individual. Who got affected in the coronavirus in New York City as its the worst affected city in the whole United States. But even then, the Sikh community prepares 30,000 meals by taking care of all the hygiene practices. Also, guide to the volunteers to follow social distancing and wear face masks along with gloves.

sikh community sewa in corona virus outbreak

The coordinator of the American Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee Himat Singh said. The Sikh volunteers provide the food, which is also termed as “Sewa” is all vegetarian meals. This food includes dry fruits, rice, and lentils. They cooked meals on Sunday, the same day packaged and ready for delivery. The distribution of the prepared meals had started from Monday by the local authorities. In addition, volunteers who prepared/helped in packing. All undergone medical check-ups before entering the cooking facility. Singh also said that food items would be delivered by distributing agencies to older adults. who have trouble going out from there homes to buy products to make food from supermarkets. They will provide service to specially-abled, homeless, and single parents. Who doesn’t have anyone else to look after their kids when they are going out.

Likewise, the food items to Gurudwara by the people is now being used to make meals for this initiative. Not only these Gurudwara funds are also up for the usage of preparing meals for needy people. 99 percent of the people who are having the benefit of this service are all Americans. The remaining one percent are those who are coming from overseas or students. Other Sikh communities in a different region of the states are gearing up with the infrastructure. To help eradicate the food shortage in the country. It is our humble request to stay at home and don’t go out. We hope family and friends are all safe. Don’t hoard up food products all by yourself. Think about others, together we can come out as winners from this pandemic.


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