When we think about Armenia, the first thing that strikes the mind is its beautiful mountains and nature. Then comes pomegranates. Armenian associate pomegranate with fertility and prosperity. The trees are full with fruits throughout the year. And then the delicious Armenian food. The glory of Armenian food extends far beyond the country’s boundary. And the rich food history of Armenia is as old as the hills. Armenian food stands out among others due to their rich taste, organic flavors and eminent aromas. But to taste the richness of Armenian dishes, you don’t essentially have to visit the continent. Order your favorite Armenian food online at Food On Deal and experience the mouth-melt taste of Armenian foods right sitting on your couch!

All the dishes of Armenian cuisine are well familiar and loved by one and all. And the most noticeable thing about Armenian foods is their organic nature; the produce are grown without using any harmful fertilizers. The meals are prepared with fresh vegetables seasoned with green herbs and bold species like cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, coriander, turmeric, and sumac which make them not only just delicious but also make  them look appealing to the eyes. The juicy smoking Shashlick giving out bold aroma, baked vegetables, Khoravats smoked with the smell of coals; tender cooked oil free Dolma melting in your mouth are some finger licking traditional foods from the heart of Armenia! So if you ever been to Armenia, you must experience the Armenian food:

Fresh Vegetables and Bold spices
Armenians value the natural taste of food. Vegetables and spices like tomato, cucumber, pepper, potato, onion, eggplant, squash, parsley, basil, cress are used in larger proportions to prepare Armenian cuisines. Fresh and green herbs also share their part in the preparation of Armenian foods.
Dolma, pronounced as “Tolma” in Armenian accent is a Lenten season special dish. It is prepared by wrapping ingredients such as Lentils, tomato, Zucchini, garlic, eggplant, parsley, mint, red pepper, onions, coriander and rice in leaves of grapes (when it’s winter) and cabbage (when it’s summer).
Dolma is available in both vegan and non-vegan options. The non-vegan option replaces veg ingredients with lamb meat.
Gata is a cake or pastry-like dish prepared with flour, nuts, and baking soda used as main ingredients. It is available in different shapes and sizes. And depending upon the rituals of a region, it may be decorated or left unadorned.
Baklava is the favorite dessert of Armenina. Topped with honey and melted butter, Baklava is a sweet, nutty and incredibly delicious pudding-like dessert.
Khorovats is the traditional barbecue dish of Argentina prepared using both boned and boneless meat. The dish is enjoyed mostly during the annual Khorovats festival.
Lavash is the staple bread of Armenian cuisine. It is soft and thin bread cooked in an underground clay oven. It’s nutritious, easy to experiment with and can be the best option for any type of roll. And above all Lavash is yummy!
A porridge-like dish prepared with boned and stewed chicken and cracked or coarsely ground wheat.

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