Food Battle Kennedy Fried Chicken Vs Crown Fried Chicken


Brooklyn has no shortage of crispy goodness. The English boiled chicken whereas the Scottish immigrants introduced the concept of frying. Today, everyone in the United States is fond of fried chicken and it works as a delicious treat for any time of the year. Kennedy Fried Chicken and crown fried chicken are the happening fried chicken chains in New York.

kennedy fried chicken

Kennedy Fried Chicken

This food chain is Started as a restaurant by Zia Taeb, a nationality of Afghanistan. He gained experience since 1970 when he was a fry cook. The halal meat was not famous during that period. Zia Taeb opened the fried chicken restaurant which served halal meat and it turned out to be the best competitor of the Kentucky fried chicken restaurants. His business boomed and he became one of the only people selling fresh Halal meat at home and around. Most of the Afghans took notice and started their own fried chicken shops. Abdul Haye bought the Kennedy Fried chicken shop in 1994 after Zia Taeb quit the business.

Abdul Haye prepared the traditional fried chicken where the skin stayed on and it has the light flour coating. Later, the crown fried chicken Brooklyn NY popped up.

Though the taste of both the outlets turned to be delicious, there was always a battle between both crown fried and the other food chains. People always had to choose one among them for their taste and flavor for home delivery and takeaways. The golden-brown meat served by Kennedy Fried chicken has hints of salt and pepper in the flavor and the outer layer is soft. The meat is tastier and has its own moisture.

kennedy fried chicken and grill

crown fried chicken Brooklyn NY uses the best bird and the breast and leg have a thin crust with a layer of greasy spice inside. The meat is tasty and delicious. The meat is chewy, soft and tender. The breast piece served at crown fried chicken Brooklyn NY always wins its rival when it comes to taste and flavor. For more info about crown fried go online at FoodOnDeal.

Both the Kennedy fried chicken and fried chicken delivery excels in taste and it’s difficult to choose one among the both when it comes to taste and their skillful fry. Both are famous in New York state especially in Philadelphia New York neighborhood crown fried chicken and kennedy fried Chicken brooklyn

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