Are You A Drinker? Low Alcohol Beverages Are A Thing!

Are you are a teetotaler who wishes to step into the world of alcoholic beverages? Or, a heavy drinker who wants to curb their alcohol consumption? Here is a solution for everyone, and that is: “Low alcohol beverages”.

As per a study, many people do not like going for a drink that is heavy on alcohol percentage. This is one of the major reasons why many companies are now coming up with different low alcohol drink varieties. These drinks are a great way to relax without getting wasted and causing harm to your body.


What Are Low Alcohol Beverages?

 Any alcoholic drink that has the ABV or Alcohol By Volume percentage between 0.5% to 1.2% falls under the category of low alcohol beverages. These are a practical option for cutting down on your alcohol consumption by reducing the amount of alcohol that goes inside your body.

Several premium companies are making the most of this approach by introducing the masses to this new form of low-strength liquor. There is no compromise on the taste or quality. Also, this is the best way to enjoy a smooth effect without getting intoxicated. You can find a wide range of beers, wine, spirit, and a lot more categories that are low in alcohol strength and a perfect option for you.


Health: One of the major factors which get spoiled after engaging in alcohol drinking practices is health. Low alcohol beverages ensure that you get the most fun without compromising on your fitness.

Spoil Yourself With Choices: There is a wide range when it comes to drinks and flavors in the low alcohol beverage segment. Get ready to explore a huge variety of drinks like Kombucha, low alcohol beers, seltzer, and much more.

Societal Acceptance: Whether you try to avoid alcohol in social gatherings or end-up drinking too much, leading to embarrassment, low beverage alcohol is perfect for you!

Refreshing: The low alcohol beverages provide you a satisfactory feeling of consuming liquor and serve as an ideal refreshment choice.

low alcohol beverages


Benefits of Choosing A Low Alcohol Beverage

 While everyone would agree that it is wise to completely give up on alcohol, it is not possible for some people. This makes low alcohol beverages an ideal choice. But, there are various benefits of choosing an alcoholic drink with a low percentage of alcohol in it.

  • Are you looking for ways to reduce your alcohol consumption but failing to do so? Low alcohol beverages can be an excellent replacement for your high strength liquors.


  • Drinks with high alcohol percentage impose the danger of developing a lot of health problems, which intensifies with each passing day. This includes an increased risk of developing cancer in the mouth, throat, breasts, damaged liver, cardiac issues. Low alcohol beverages allow you to enjoy your drinks without worrying about all these issues.


  • You do not feel very dehydrated after indulging in low alcohol beverages.


  • Unlike high alcohol strength drinks, low alcohol beverages do not harm your productivity. Also, you get to enjoy a pleasant sleep at night.


  • It is quite evident that strong liquors make you gain a lot of fat on the waistline. This problem also gets solved by replacing those drinks with low alcohol beverages as they are lower in calorie count.


  • There is no limit to the options available in the low alcohol beverage segment in the market. The companies are also focusing on this recently developed love of the consumers. Special attention is being towards the quality, taste, and class of low alcoholic drinks. In fact, several companies are now completely focusing on this sector, which is also giving a boost to their sales chart.


  • If you are likely to drive back alone from a party, choosing a low alcohol beverage ensures you do not end up mixing drinking and driving.



No Compromise on Fun!

 As people are becoming more aware of what goes inside their bodies, they are developing healthy living practices. A mindful drinker wants to make sure that they indulge in conscious drinking habits. A low alcohol beverage not only acts as a safe choice but is also allows you to enjoy some private time with the loved ones.

Whether you are planning for a fun evening with your friends or want to watch some Netflix and relax with your partner, a pint of beer makes everything right. After all, everyone deserves a break from the hustle-bustle of everyday life. Right? Choosing a low alcohol beverage not only allows you to enjoy your time, but it also makes sure that you do not involve yourself in unintentional excessive boozing. And, we are all aware of the regret that follows the next morning.


Newly Developed Affinity Towards Low Alcohol Beverages

 Nowadays, the demand for a low percentage of alcoholic drinks has increased. One of the primary reasons behind this raised demand is the awakening of the consumers. People are becoming more focused on their health. The preference of low alcohol beverages ensures that you can enjoy your time without hampering your health.

Athletes who cannot indulge in heavy drinking due to health reasons also love the idea of low alcohol beverages. It is advisable for the older people to stay away from alcoholic drinks. Now, they can enjoy a glass or two of alcoholic beverages low in alcohol strength once a week. This is a great way to satisfy those cravings.



 Low alcohol beverages are one of the best inventions that help restoring the norms in a societal set-up. One can enjoy a drink without engaging in unacceptable behavioral patterns. A drink low in alcohol percentage ensures that everyone gets to enjoy alcoholic drinks without worrying about health risks attached to alcohol consumption. There is no doubt that low alcohol beverages are bringing a positive change in the world . If you looking  for Places to eat near me for best beverages than FoodOnDeal will be Best option for you.

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