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When the Pandemic is knocking around the corner of your streets, it is better to stay inside. And there is no better way to spend your free time learning what’s happening around the world. Today we are bringing you some of the most bizarre stories related to the food  industry the previous week. Some of this news is shocking, while some are a ray of hope that things are starting to become normal once again. So get yourself a bowl of popcorn and read these food worlds quick bits. 


Portland To Consider Banning Third-Party Delivery Services That Are Charging Above 10% Mark.


There is no denying in need of getting food delivered to our homes. When we cannot eat in our favorite restaurants, the Portland city council on Wednesday voted to make it illegal for the third-party food delivery apps. Such as DoorDash and Grubhub to impose more than 10% on commission fees from the city’s restaurant and bar owners. When there is Pandemic on the breakout.


Portland joins the movement with other cities, Seattle, Los Angeles along with Philadelphia. All these cities in recent months have instituted somewhat similar stoppages on food delivery services. The latest city to join is New Jersey, with a 10% cap for all city delivery services. Likewise, the new restriction goes up to 20% if the delivery is made through the app. And a driver is also a person hired from the application company. 


You might not be aware, but the food delivery services used to charge as high as 30% of the total amount for the delivery. This new rule has led companies like UberEats, DoorDash to decrease their payments. To deliver workers so they can make up for the lost money from restaurant fees. 


Furthermore, the city council came with the amendment to put in action, which includes a 5% limit to the delivery charges when the restaurant is delivering the food on their own. Or if customers are ordering food through an app but picking up the order by themselves from a restaurant. 

portland cap 10% commission on Food Delivery Service


Lito Lapid Going Hard On Jail Time For Repeated Cancellation Of Food Deliveries


Lito Lapid is seeking to penalize serial cancelers with a lousy record of unjustified cancellation of food and grocery deliveries. The bill has been filed in the senate to protect the riders who end up paying for the costing of unclaimed goods. 


Senate Bill 1677, which is authored by Senator Lito Lapid, seeks to impose jail time of one month. Also, to one day to six months for cancelers who are convicted of canceling orders at least thrice with a span of 1 month. The bill is also trying to mandate delivery services apps to set up a reimbursement scheme. That would ensure riders and drivers get complete protection in case of cancellation of already paid orders. 


A fine not exceeding P500,000 could be imposed on delivery providers if they fail to follow this new rule along with twice the amount of unreimbursed payment to their delivery personnel. Lapid, in his interview, said he filed the bill. Due to changes that made the delivery industry thrive after the COVID-19 Pandemic, people stayed locked in their homes. The out of pocket spending of a delivery boy for confirmed canceled orders. We need to return the amount by the service providers within a day after the order is canceled. 


To prevent the pranksters, the proposed measure aims to ask online buyers to submit a proof of identity and residential address. This measure is subject to compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012. Last month in the house of representatives the same kind of bill had been filled 


Former Food Delivery Rider Is Now Riding The Internet Hype Train


The interest in the Singapore Democratic Alliance has seen a spike. After Constituency Political Broadcast that happened on July 6. All the credit is due to one candidate. 


Kelvin Ong Soon Huat is a few among the five-team from SDA who are going to contest in Pasir Ris-Punggol Group Representation Constituency (GRC).


The man himself said he’s not a storyteller or a professional presenter, and I’m like you and everyone else. The man hit hard on bread and butter issues, such as the rising cost of living aligned with the CPF.


As a result, he got the attention of the country’s netizens, who found him to be relatable. And more familiar with everyday life issues. 


In one of his interviews, he said, “Nice la but didn’t even think of me as one of the gangsters.”


His appearance might look intimidating to some and even fierce. But he is quite friendly and “Anybody can come and talk to me,” he said. 


He even admits that he was a bit shocked to see the fan-made posters of him for the first time as he did not expect anyone to find these photos of him. And put them on the internet with such edits. Ong said he started volunteering with SDA during the election campaign of 2015. He said he contributed his part by serving residents by meeting them and providing them with the basic needs. 


Friends, family, and even his wife are surprised when a 34-year-old food delivery guy said he’s competing for the incoming contest. Ong noted from his own experience of being a rider and delivering food to people. He understood the hardships which a rider has to go through. 


Cheesy Side Notes Making An Online Trend 


Who doesn’t want to have a handwritten note with their food delivery? Now in Pandemic, online deliverers have been a part of our new normal. One thing that made a difference in typical food delivery and special food deliveries are the side notes. 


If you are ordering food for someone and want to make it unique during the home quarantine, you can now put a side note on it. Or you can do it the same for yourself. It is always a great idea to show some love to yourself, especially during crises. 



Food Delivery Service Pays Missing Money To Restaurant


If you look at the food delivery system from your point of view, it will look clinch. You dial a number, and the food delivery is on your doorstep within a few minutes. The transaction of this service is costly at both ends as both consumers and restaurant owners pay a premium to get their food delivered.


Uber Eats is now one of the necessary evils that every restaurant owner has to deal with during the Pandemic. To keep up his business and provide a salary to his workers. “We were in big trouble, and food delivery services do help us in delivering our food to customers,” said one of the family-run restaurant owners. He also said, “ the delivery services helped us during the early weeks of the crises.”


But when the time came for the owner to collect his money for all the food that he sold through the delivery services. And there was no money that the restaurant was able to make for all the deliveries they made in the last three months. The owner said there is more than $7000 at play. 


The owner said, “When my cousin called to tell we that we ain’t getting any money from Uber Eats, I was astonished and was left with complete confusion.”  


His cousin being the attorney, pulled out one of his best weapons when the Uber Eats refused to pay. He said to Uber Eats officials to clear the money by the end of the week, or there will be a lawsuit against them. 


Uber Eats is one of the biggest names in the food delivery industry. They are just behind DoorDash in the current market. The owner’s cousin said he got nowhere after several attempts to convince the company to pay up the due money. 


After the court things fell flat, the cousin called up the news company, and surprisingly enough, the money was there in the bank accounts after two days. The owner said Uber Eats was not trying to defraud us, and it might be some black hole in administrative failures that lead to this situation. 

food delivery challenges

Food Delivery Boy Gets Punched In The Face From Unprovoked Attack


A Chinese delivery rider was left with one tooth less after a random person on the road punched him on the face for no reason. The incident took place when the cyclist was stopped by two men on the street near Adelaide’s Chinatown near 6:30 pm on Saturday.


One of the men punched him in the face, causing one of his teeth to be knocked out. The S.A. police spokesperson said they were immediately called to the scene. Right now, no one is charged over the incident that took place, and the police are still looking for assaulters.


The furious Chinese-Australian community has vowed to hunt down the men responsible for such a barbaric act. At the same time, some people in the city are suggesting to have a peaceful protest to show concerns.Apart from this Food Delivery Boy have to Deal With Climate Condition,Fake Currency,Timely Delivery, Robbery etc. 


Teso Now Delivering Reusable Food Containers 

As part of the UK supermarket’s sustainability drive, Tesco has emerged to launch its very own delivery service for a range of food items that are packed in reusable containers. The company shook hands with the US-based recycling firm TerraCycle. That has a packaging system that can be used by the owners again and again.


Customers can now order from 150 different products that include sauces, yogurts, and chocolate. All of these food items will be delivered in reusable packaging. 


This system’s working depends on the return of the packaging by the customer once it gets empty. When a customer returns the packaging, the company will initiate a refund in the customer’s account. Loop once getting the package will clean the containers thoroughly and make them ready to be filled again by the manufacturers. 


Teso said it is a part of their pilot project, which aims to remove, reduce, reuse, and recycle the products. This new concept will transform the packaging industry in the UK from the ground up. 


The supermarket is aiming to extend the range of items that are available with reusable packaging soon. Next year, they are planning to roll out reusable packaging from their stores all across the UK. 

Wallmart mandotory to wear mask


Wear Masks To Get Your Groceries From Walmart 

Walmart is the biggest retailer along with Kroger in the US supermarket has now mandated customers to wear a mask or a face covering when they are coming to the stores. 


The retail giants have separately announced this new policy yesterday as COVID-19 cases are still rising in the US. Both the companies have joined the list of retailers who require masks from their customers. Some of these companies are Apple, Best Buy, Costco, etc.


The Chief operating officer, Dacona Smith of Walmart U.S., said that 65% of the total 5000 stores are present in the areas that already have some kind of government requirement of face-covering when coming out from homes. 


The new rules will start to take place on July 20. To ensure the safety and protection of both employees and customers. Also, this will help bring consistency across the stores and clubs. 


 These are some of the news from the food delivery industry in the past week. We will keep our eyes on these stories’ latest updates to update our readers about the new changes in the law of food delivery services. Also, we will provide you with an update on what is going on in Australia. And will the police be able to catch the assaulters who punched the tooth out of Chinese delivery boy? Follow our blog to know more about the food industry and its hidden facts.






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