Should I Eat Salad Before or After Eating Meal

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salad is a mixture of fruits and uncooked vegetables that is always delicious and healthy. Including salad into your regular diet can pay-off with plenty of health benefits. Salads are known to be high in fiber, rich in nutrients and low in calories. Fiber helps in proper metabolic functioning of the body as well as keeps the body full therefore prevents overeating.salad

To eat a salad before or after the meal has always been a topic of debate among people. For some people it matters, when is the best time to eat salad? Let’s read the full post and be informed about what’s better for health and weight perspective?

Eating healthy food is important. Regular intake of green salad mixed with essential oils and healthy dressing is an essential part of the healthy diet plan. As long as you eat salad, it hardly matters if you eat the salad before, during or after the meal

Logically, there are more benefits to having a salad before the meal. This is because when you first sit down to eat, you are hungry and you tend to eat whatever is put before you. If you eat a salad before a meal, it will fill your stomach with fewer calories by volume and therefore will reduce your overall calorie intake during that meal. Eating a salad before a meal is perfect for those looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Further, as per the report published in 2012 in the journal “Appetite”, pre-meal salad boosts your veggies consumption by around 23%.

On the other hand, salad at the end of a meal helps with the digestion of all that food you have eaten. Post-meal salad might encourage you to have smaller servings of the main course, knowing that another meal is on the way. If your after-dinner snacks are high in fats, they may lead to indigestion and may cause difficulty in getting sound sleep. Salad, however, is lighter and less likely to affect your sleep. Minerals like calcium and magnesium are helpful to relax your body before bed. These minerals are found in salad ingredients like kale and spinach. Additionally, when you eat salad after the meal, your desire for dessert automatically gets suppressed and you succeed to avoid consuming those extra calories.

Bottom Line:

 the way how we eat our meals largely depends upon the food rituals of a region. The same is true when it comes to having a food course.  Usually, salad is served alongside the entrée. However, in European countries such as Italy and France salad is served after the main course and before dessert. Because it doesn’t affect digestion one way or the other, you can do whichever works best for you.

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