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NFLD – Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

The disease is not in the mainstream like that of high blood pressure, obesity, and cancer but it is most common in  the developed world, in fact, 10% of children and one- third of all American adults are suffering from it and it is also expected to be one of the most common causes for the condition of liver transplantation in the near future.

Fatty liver is encountered when there is too much fat stored in the liver cells, the main problem being that most of the people have a fatty liver without any complications and symptoms of it for years or decades in numerous cases.

NFLD – Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Diagnosed

This cannot be diagnosed easily especially in the routine checkup at a physician and the diagnosis of NFLD can be made by a physician in a liver biopsy not everyone does require a liver biopsy but this can be used only in the cases which require special attention or in the case wherein specific risk factors are suspected.

Many kinds of research are being conducted to effective and non – invasive ways for to put one’s finger on NFLD which will help the doctors to monitor its progress and take proper measures to nip it in the bud in the near future.

Recent studies determined that the disease can be reversed or even discarded with healthy diet and daily exercise, one should eliminate processed foods and rather focus on good takeout food as, the added sugars especially Fructose is considered bad for liver, the focus should be on healthy snacking and food delivery sites do excellent work in providing good quality foods for example FoodOnDeal they have excellent quality food products which comply with the day to day nutrition demands such as fruits, healthy salads, veggies and the low fat product.

Places to order food in the United States are in abundance which gives the consumers wide variety to order food from but the question arises which one to prefer for a healthier lifestyle because what we eat is what we look crown fried chicken has the best in class food in Brooklyn (delivery food by FoodOnDeal) to support an NFLD free body and a refreshed mind.


Is Crown Fried Chicken Good For Fatty Acids?

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Food Battle Kennedy Fried Chicken Vs Crown Fried Chicken

Crown Fried Chicken,kennedy fried Chicken

Brooklyn has no shortage of crispy goodness. The English boiled chicken whereas the Scottish immigrants introduced the concept of frying. Today, everyone in the United States is fond of fried chicken and it works as a delicious treat for any time of the year. Kennedy Fried Chicken and crown fried chicken are the happening fried chicken chains in New York.

Kennedy Fried Chicken

This food chain is Started as a restaurant by Zia Taeb, a nationality of Afghanistan. He gained experience since 1970 when he was a fry cook. The halal meat was not famous during that period. Zia Taeb opened the fried chicken restaurant which served halal meat and it turned out to be the best competitor of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. His business boomed and he became one of the only people selling fresh Halal meat at home and around. Most of the Afghans took notice and started their own fried chicken shops. Abdul Haye bought the Kennedy Fried chicken shop in 1994 after Zia Taeb quit the business.

Abdul Haye prepared the traditional fried chicken where the skin stayed on and it has the light flour coating. Later, the crown fried chicken Brooklyn NY popped up.

Though the taste of both the outlets turned to be delicious, there was always a battle between both crown fried and the other food chains. People always had to choose one among them for their taste and flavor for home delivery and takeaways. The golden-brown meat served by Kennedy Fried chicken has hints of salt and pepper in the flavor and the outer layer is soft. The meat is tastier and has its own moisture.

crown fried chicken Brooklyn NY uses the best bird and the breast and leg have a thin crust with a layer of greasy spice inside. The meat is tasty and delicious. The meat is chewy, soft and tender. The breast piece served at crown fried chicken Brooklyn NY always wins its rival when it comes to taste and flavor. For more info about crown fried go online at FoodOnDeal.

Both the Kennedy fried chicken and crown fried chicken delivery excels in taste and it’s difficult to choose one among the both when it comes to taste and their skillful fry. Both are famous in New York state especially in Philadelphia New York neighborhood crown fried chicken and kennedy fried Chicken brooklyn

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Should I Eat a Salad Before or After Eating My Meal?

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The salad is a mixture of fruits and uncooked vegetables that is always delicious and healthy. Including salad into your regular diet can pay-off with plenty of health benefits. Salads are known to be high in fiber, rich in nutrients and low in calories. Fibre helps in proper metabolic functioning of the body as well as keeps the body full therefore prevents overeating.special salad with foodondeal

To eat a salad before or after the meal has always been a topic of debate among people. For some people it matters, when is the best time to eat salad? Let’s read the full post and be informed about what’s better for health and weight perspective?

Eating salad is important. Regular intake of green salad mixed with essential oils and healthy dressing is an essential part of the healthy diet plan. As long as you eat salad, it hardly matters if you eat the salad before, during or after the fast food near.

Logically, there are more benefits of having a salad before the meal. This is because when you first sit down to eat, you are hungry and you tend to eat whatever is put before you. If you eat a salad before a meal, it will fill your stomach with fewer calories by volume and therefore will reduce your overall calories intake during that meal. Eating a salad before a meal is perfect for those looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Further, as per the report published in 2012 in the journal “Appetite”, pre-meal salad boosts your veggies consumption by around 23%.

On the other hand, salad at the end of a meal helps with digestion of all that food you have eaten. Post-meal salad might encourage you to have smaller servings of the main course, knowing that another meal is on the way. If your after-dinner snacks are high in fats, they may lead to indigestion and may cause difficulty in getting sound sleep. Salad, however, is lighter and less likely to affect your sleep. Minerals like calcium and magnesium are helpful to relax your body before bed. These minerals are found in salad ingredients like kale and spinach. Additionally, when you eat salad after the meal, your desire for dessert automatically gets suppressed and you succeed to avoid consuming those extra calories.

Bottom Line:

The Order food online and the way how we eat our meals largely depends upon the food rituals of a region. The same is true when it comes to having the salad course.  Usually, salad is served alongside the entrée. However, in European countries such as Italy and France salad is served after the main course and before dessert. Because it doesn’t affect digestion one way or the other, you can do whichever works best for you.

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8 Etiquette Reminders for Dining Out with Friends and Clients

8 Etiquette Reminders for Dining Out with Friends and Clients

The purpose of dining out is generally to socialize with friends and clients without searching chicken spot near. If you are planning a hangout with your friends soon, this post highlights 8 dine out etiquettes that you must know even if you have impeccable manners:

  1. Everyone Should Have a Same Number Of Courses: Often, dining out takes the concept of competitive eating to the next level. Therefore, to pace the things evenly it is advisable to order the same number of courses everyone else does. Also, it is important to order food that can be eaten with ease by all and is less messy.
  2. Let Everyone To Be Served First: If you are out for dinner with a group of friends, it’s sensible to wait for others to be served before you start eating. However, if you’re with a sizable group of friends, follow the ‘rule of six’. According to this rule, once six members in a group have been served, you can begin eating.
  3. Do Not Stuff Yourself: The purpose of dining out is generally to socialize with friends and clients and not to overfill your stomach. It happens when we are out we tend to get as much food in without even realizing that we are full. When it comes to dining out be mindful of how much you consume. It is polite to eat and drink in moderation.
  4. Keep Away The Electronics: Most people know this yet a few of them follow. Always keep away the electronics during meal times. Do not call, text, answer a phone or check anything on it until the meal is finished. Keep your phone in your pocket/purse. However, in an event of emergency, excuse yourself and attend the call in private. Food and utensils are meant for the table; not the electronics.
  5. Know Send Back Etiquette: What is the best practice to follow in case one of the members in a group sends back his/her meal? The general etiquette is not to eat and wait until he gets the meal back again from online food delivery. Even if he says you ”Please go ahead and eat”, you should eat slowly or not at all and instead engage in a conversation. This may seem a small gesture but definitely would create an impression that even money can’t.
  6. Handle The Bill Differently With Clients Versus Friends: If you are the host you pay for them; it’s the protocol. If you are invited, it’s all right to let them pay. On the other hand, when dining out with friends, either pay the bill or let them pay. You can have the bill evenly split among you all or you can alternate paying each time you meet.
  7. Be Polite and Positive: When dining out, it is important to let everyone is given a chance to share their part. Do not dominate the conversation and never interrupt. Be polite with everyone and keep the tone light. Keep the ambiance funny and jovial.
  8. If You Are Dining Out With People You Don’t Know, Introduce Yourself And Join In: Sometimes, especially during weddings, business dinner and other celebrations it happens we get to meet with people, we are unfamiliar to. During such incidents, have the confidence to introduce yourself to them and join in. This approach helps you make some new friends and you will be having a far more interesting night than sitting isolated.

It’s all about enjoying the experience. If you follow these dining out etiquettes, definitely you’ll have a great impression during your next dinner. and if you are in Brooklyn and planning so… we suggest few outlet from where you can order food.


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  • Crown Fried Chicken 190 E 98th St Brooklyn NY 11212
  • Crown Fried Chicken & Pizza 640 S Conduit Blvd Brooklyn
  • Crown Fried Chicken and Pizza 1181 Sutter Ave Brooklyn
  • Crown Fried Chicken & Pizza 664 Knickerbocker Ave Brooklyn
  • Crown Fried Chicken 1476 Pitkin Ave Brooklyn
  • Crown Fried Chicken 3229 Fulton St Brooklyn
  • Crown Fried Chicken 3149 Fulton St Brooklyn
  • Crown Fried Chicken 1643 St John’s Pl Brooklyn NY 11233

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