What Should Be An Ideal Summer Diet?

Summer is the time when the weather turns sultry and you feel lazy. Therefore, it is important that you should include in your food order those food items into your everyday diet that keep you stay active throughout.

During summers, our body’s requirements get changed and the body needs more of cooling foods; foods that will help the body look and feel at its best during the hottest days of summer. Fruits and vegetables during summers are filled with essential nutrients and secret health advantages.This post enlists some cooling super foods and drinks that should be the part of an ideal summer diet and to order food online.


The curd is an easily available dietary product that has amazing cooling properties. It contains power boosting whey proteins that are excellent for body and muscles building. Regular intake of curd keeps the body temperature maintained. The curd is also beneficial for maintaining a healthy body weight and promotes the growth of helpful bacteria in the stomach.


Staying hydrated is good to cure mood swings and sharpen the memory. Melons are juicy coolants that contain almost 90% of water. They are perfect to keep the body hydrated and stomach cool. Melons are high in fiber, thus, keep you fill while cutting down the calories intake. Melons can also satisfy your sweet craving without raising the blood sugar levels too high, as these fruits are low in glycemic load.

Spring onions:

With the onset of summer, begins those crawling sensations, sun allergies, and sweat-induced infections. Now, let’s say sayonara to all these skin allergies with spring onions. Also known as green onions, spring onions are basically immature onions that contain quercetin which is a natural anti-allergen.

Onions also have amazing cooling properties, that protects you from heat stroke. It is very easy to include onion into Indian traditional food.

Fruits and Green Veggies:

Fruits and vegetables during summers got extra flavors and nutritious value and are as fresh as they can be. Load up on fresh berries, cucumbers, salad leaves, tomatoes, zucchini, beets, pea pods, and all the super-nutritious and low-calorie fruits.

Natural Drinks:

During summers, it is very important for you to maintain your body electrolyte and fluid levels. In order to prevent being attacked by the heat stroke, make sure you drink plenty of water or have natural cold drinks like coconut water, lime water, aam pana, barley water etc.


Our nature has provided us numerous cooling herbs such as mint, cinnamon, basil, fennel seeds, cardamom and saffron among others.  These herbs hold cooling properties and are beneficial if consumed religiously throughout spring and summer.

Furthermore, at times you can go for ice creams and soft drinks. Extracts of rose petals that are gulkand are also too good to be consumed during summers. If it is hard to make gulkand at home, go for ready-made!  And stay cool in this coming hot season.

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