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  • Hello, my name is Gurmukh Singh, CEO of FoodonDeal, one the best independent food delivery services in NY. Who knew that ordering delivery could be such a hassle? In the age of Apps, one can order food for delivery with just a few taps of a phone screen. Yet many businesses that have listing their restaurant on Online food Portals are struggling to stay in business since these portals have a little trick up their sleeve. They all have partnered with one another into one huge online portal. With such high power they have full control of your business, able to charge you any percents of your profits because you have no choice and you are not in control. The money that you make, from the money you spend to feed your customers, that goes mostly to the portals. Although this holds true, they’re are online portals that are completely independent and they don’t charge you extra for nothing. One of which,is my business FoodonDeal. Our services are covering New York, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan and The Bronx right now. We looking to extend our range to being a nationwide business, but we need your help. So, if you are stay anywhere over here and looking for fast food to order online, you know the right name to bang on. As you have just read above, we are no conjoined business, we in fact are our own. Once you have come across with our team for delivery food in my area, you will not look further for any secondary option. If you are looking for companies offering discounted rates on delivery fast food, count on us with our food roulette system

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Excellent online technology with live order

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Tap into diners near you and promote your restaurant with foodondeal’s marketing options.

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Order payment types COD and Secure stripe Payment.

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Rosy Alen

Three words - Clean, Swift and consistent! This sums up foodondeal's service offering. As a consumer and service provider we love their work and wish them the best!..

Thomas Li

The partnership with foodondeal has been one that has grown from strength to strength. Over the years we've grown from a few 100 orders to over 10k a month with them.

Chrst pher

This two year alliance with foodondeal has been an important strategic step for Keventers, which has provided us significant customer acquisition opportunities. .