Is Organic Really Organic? Probing Authenticity Food Delivery Companies
Food Delivery Companies

Is Organic Really Organic? Probing Authenticity Food Delivery Companies

The wise men say that – one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and that seems to be true in every sense that one should always try to understand the matter before judging it and assuming it to be something which it isn’t and some recent incidents do indicate that such proverbs are also applicable to the food items, which means that the food labels pasted on the food items and their cartons may not be honest which does raise red flags for the food security in the United States regarding the unscrupulous and unfair dealings of the food delivery companies.

J. Lewin the president of the Certification Services CCOF, L.L.C believes that once the consumer loses trust in a brand or its product from the production lines then it becomes easier said than done task resulting in the company’s loss in terms of its goodwill, market share, and reliability thus making it easily vulnerable to the more severe market losses and even legal actions can result in its closure, so the food delivery companies and the manufactures should focus on true and honest advertisement and sales promotion with the help of the data and proven facts authenticated in the food laboratories against any unwanted ingredient or defect which may hamper or tamper the goodwill and ethical grounds on which a company is expected to work in the United States.

The product should not be advertised or sold with wrong or immoral practices under fraud labels for example chemically prepared soybeans packaged and labeled as the organic foods which does fetch it a higher price tag but is a serious gamble with the health of the consumer and may result in many health-related issues like food poisoning and severe digestive system breakdowns.

Delivering authentic and bona fide food products to the customers are the real duties of a food manufacturing company on the ethical and moral grounds of a true business and at the same time it is the responsibility of the customer as well to inspect the true ingredients and nature of the diverse product range available for shopping and picking up the best and recognized ones to ensure healthy and original food delivery companies.