Five Best Restaurants Near Me Available In Brooklyn

Best Restaurants Near Me Available In Brooklyn

I have been living in Brooklyn for the past 20 years, and in these years, I have seen this city rise immensely in all aspects. The rise of many best restaurants near me in Brooklyn has been huge in the last decade or so. We all must be knowing that Brooklyn - the Borough of Kings, is known for diverse food options available in the city, which has earned it a status of global food capital. This diversity has not been achieved overnight, the millions of immigrants residing in Brooklyn from every nook and corner of this planet, have contributed significantly in this regard. Today, the restaurants in Brooklyn have everything, from old-school to new-age dishes. You name a dish, and that can be found in the next food corner on the bay. In all these years of my stay in Brooklyn, I have tasted food from almost everywhere in the city. You can call me a foodie and being that I have been to places which you might not have touched yet. So, in lieu to help you find the best restaurants near me in Brooklyn, I have prepared a list of all places to eat near me, putting my all experiences. Mind you, it is just for knowledge and guide and not a promotion of any restaurants listed below. Also, you are free to choose any other best restaurants near me, which has not been mentioned on the below list. Enough of talking, let get going with the list.


Located on 47 S 5th Street, Williamsburg, this place is famous for Nordic cuisine and is run by chef Fredrik Berselius. It is well-known for its indigenous 12-course tasting menu, which tastes not less than the original Northern Europe dish. The elegant atmosphere and delicious food take the eaters to a flavorful ride! It must be noted that this restaurant has only ten tables in the transformed 1860s warehouse-style, so it is advised to either pre-book the table or order online. For the convenience of people, this restaurant also has the home delivery service, and its better services in this perspective have earned it a top place on the list of 'Best Restaurants Near Me That Deliver.

Aska best restaurants near me
Georgian Dream Cafe

This food outlet is located at 8309 3rd Avenue, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and is a dedicated place for the food of the Republic of Georgia, which has lately gained a lot of attention and has been able to make a place among regular American palate. Its dishes like Adjaruli khachapuri - the canoe-shaped bread filled with gooey cheese, khinkali - pork dumplings, Shanghai soup dumplings, Shkmeruli - fried chicken in a creamy garlic sauce, and Lobio are very popular among the restaurant visitors. It's worth mentioning that for the Bay Ridge area, this eatery is among the top on Google when searching for 'best restaurant near me.

 Georgian Dream Cafe best restaurants near me

Located on 99 Scott Avenue, Bushwick, this restaurant offers the best New York's Vietnamese food. Once, the Vietnamese dishes were considered mediocre by the local residents but all thanks to the Bunker, who has not only made Vietnamese food a common platter for people of Brooklyn but also credited for giving rise to such food outlets. Hanoi House, Van Da, Pho Bar Di En Di, and Sai Gon Dep are some such Vietnamese restaurants, which were started following the footpaths of Bunker. Pho and bánh mi sandwiches, bánh xéo - a crispy folded pancake stuffed with bacon, sprouts and prawns are some famous dishes of this food outlet. The top-notch food and services of this restaurant have helped it gain a place among the top when searched for - best restaurants near me on Google.

Bunker best restaurants near me

The name of the restaurant is dedicated to the Roman Goddess of the harvest and is located at 346 Himrod Street, Bushwick. This food outlet is famous for Neapolitan-style pizza, which is best not only in Brooklyn but in all five boroughs of New York City. Further, wood-fired pies with a sourdough crust, tasty antipasti, and natural wines are some of the specialities of Ops restaurant.

Ops best restaurants near me
Don Angie:

It's an Italian theme based restaurant operated by chefs Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli. This food outlet is famous for serving modern Italian-American dishes in a very soothing and romantic ambience of lit warm globe lights and candles at night. Don Angie serves inventive platters like - decadent, deconstructed lasagna, prime rib braciole, and two-toned pasta. All these have come with Campari- and Cocchi cocktails. It has its food shop online facility that fulfils the request of online customers and helps them with home delivery food services.

Don Angie best restaurants near me
Dirt Candy:

It's a full-fledged vegetarian restaurant, which is one of the best in the whole of New York. Chef Amanda Cohen operates this place, which is well known for serving the most creative and satisfying vegan food in town. The main cuisine is kohlrabi Pocky sticks served in a watering can that is adorable in all sense. Often this dish comes with caramelized eggplant, which is very whimsical. It also has its delivery process and hence is a regular choice to request for order lunch delivery at the comfort of home or office.

Dirt Candy best restaurants near me
Hometown Bar-B-Que:

This restaurant's location is in the Red Hook of Brooklyn and is operating there for more than a decade now. The place is trendy for serving delicious and mouth-watering hottest smoke joints. It is Made up of a wood-panelled, which is a 120-seater haven for meat enthusiasts. Hometown Bar-b-que serves both American (Texas brisket, North Carolina's baby back ribs) and international smoke joints (smoked jerk chicken, lamb belly banh mi and many more). The food becomes furthermore excellent when served along with draft beers and American whiskeys. Like - Van Brunt Stillhouse. This place also has its lunch home delivery mechanism, for the customers requesting the same. The fantastic services in this outlook have helped it garner top place in the best food shop online.

Hometown Bar-B-Que: best restaurants near me
Pata Paplean:

This restaurant is especially for Thai food lovers, who often tend to pick any bowl of noodles. Its Paplean noodles - a steaming bowl of broth enhanced by the crimson of pig's blood. With silky rice noodles, bits of ground pork, a slice of the liver and a smattering of herbs on top, it is trendy among the regular visitor. It's a bar, and they serve food only on the weekends. It's a nice place to hang out with friends and family on the weekends to rejuvenate. On the weekends, Pata Paplean also fulfils requests for home delivery. It is well known for making available top quality food near me open now at the comfort of customers.

Pata Paplean best restaurants near me

It is a common misconception that the best food places often have very lavish styling and expensive food items. To break this notion, do visit this place some time. Atla has made it possible to have nuances of high-end Mexican and Central American cuisine at a very reasonable price. Daniela Soto-Innes and Enrique Olvera Run the place. Both best known for simple cooking that feels radical. Showcasing a bounty of fresh Mexican and Central American ingredients prepared. The Dishes like their bright sea-bass aguachile (which comes at $26) is a treasure tucked underneath a cold blanket of cucumber discs. Like it there are many and to mention all is not possible. So it's best to either pay a visit or go with its lunch home delivery to experience the exquisite dishes. It's home delivery food services is often rated very high for its eloquent services.

Atla best restaurants near me
Fette Sau:

It's a well-known fact that people of Brooklyn love and adore delicious and authentic barbecue. Fette Sau has everything in its menu to fulfil your desires in this regard. It uses a mix of woods (red & white oak, maple, beech, and cherry) to smoke their meats and also only implies dry rub during cooking on their organic; small family farmed animals. This is to ensure that the BBQ you are eating has some seriously incredible meats. It's black Angus brisket that comes coated with the dry rub and slow-smoked to make the meat tender, and flavorful is very popular among the regular goers. For only $15, one can get half a pound of meat per order, along with half a pickle, two rolls, and two house-made sauces. Sounds amazing!! Fette Sau has its indigenous order meal online and delivery system to oblige the requests of online customers. Apart from BBQ, it also has a facility for fried chicken delivery.

Fette Sau best restaurants near me
Frankies Spuntino:

Frankies Spuntino is an Italian restaurant that serves remarkable classic cooking from the menu and is also a prominent name in the list of top delivery restaurants near me. It has everything Italian like - marinara, pecorino romano, a drizzle of olive oil, and a big dollop of ricotta cheese to offer to its customers and taste of all these is out of this world! One can also try sweet sausage, roasted red peppers, and onions over polenta, if not looking for classics, instead prefers modern Italian cuisine. Frankies Spuntino also has a reputation for delivering food at home and is a few among many that have a well-structured mechanism to address requests for '24 hour food delivery near me'.

Frankies Spuntino best restaurants near me
King Country Imperial:

It's a Chinese food outlet that serves some remarkably flavorful, quality cuisine rather than the typical NYC corner Chinese restaurant. It may amaze you to know that the Kings County Imperial has its own soya sauce made in China and shipped over in barrels, which shows how serious they are to ensure the authentic Chinese food on your plate. Its major dish is white broiler chicken dumplings, which is not greasy, oily, or overly salty; instead, it tastes goldilocks of dumplings, which is just perfect. Apart from this, Mapo Dofu, minced pork, Sichuan peppercorn, and handmade tofu are its other most loved gourmet. It must be noted that there are not too many other Chinese joints hand-making their tofu and delivering it in Brooklyn. Kings County Imperial does and gives you a chance to opt for an online meal order.

King Counrty Imperial best restaurants near me
Pok Pok Phat Thai:

As the name suggests, the place serves authentic Thai food made in the original style, and it's not an exaggeration to say that it's the best, and tastiest. It has everything for you from traditional Thai food from Pok Pok, Phat Thai Ruam to rice noodles cooked in rendered pork fat with tamarind, fish sauce, palm sugar, peanuts, dried tofu, dried shrimp, preserved radish, egg, garlic, chives, bean sprouts, prawns, and ground pork. It also has Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings, which tastes yummy and perfect in all sense. Also, it has natural chicken wings that come marinated in fish sauce and sugar, deep-fried, then tossed in a caramelized Phu Quoc fish sauce and garlic. Essentially, this process takes chicken wings to the next level! Like others in the list, Pok Pok Phat Thai also has a delivery system, and it fulfils the request of all '24 hours of food delivery near me', in the locality.

Pok Pok Phat Thai best restaurants near me

Talde boasts proudly for serving inauthentic Asian-American food from the Philippines to Brooklyn and is wildly unpretentious about the categorization of their food. Kung Pao Chicken Wings and Waffles is the most loved dish that is essentially a play on the traditional NYC chicken and waffles with an Asian flair. It is made with just the right amount of spice from the wings and sweetness from the coconut brown butter syrup to give it a heavenly taste. You can also try its other dishes like - Crispy Oyster and Bacon Pad Thai or Vietnamese Garlic Shrimp made with pomelo, escarole, and peanut. Both are subserved along with tater tots that further enhances the taste of both dishes. It is a prominent name in the list of restaurants delivery service, and its services are of top-notch and best, which has helped it earn a place among top fried chicken delivery food outlets.

Talde best restaurants near me

Above are the best restaurants near me in Brooklyn and are my personal favourite food destinations, where I often pay a visit. You also can take advantage of my experience by personally visiting and tasting the foods from these outlets to validate my list. Also, if you are living not near these outlets, then there is no need to worry. You can leverage the services of FoodOnDeal or any other food ordering and delivery apps to get food delivered at your home or office. Have a great eating session ahead!!