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Coronavirus Hampering The US Food Industry

Coronavirus Hampering The US Food Industry

Nowadays, you can be sure of hearing one thing, and that is to be heard about the word Coronavirus. This word has now been termed as one of the most dangerous life-threatening viruses, and its outbreak has been felt unevenly throughout the food industry of the US. In addition to this, all the industries in the states have been threatened by its eruption. Also, significant events like SXSW in Austin and Coachella in Southern California have been postponed. Likewise, in major cities like Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, there has been a decrease in the food industry business as dinners are opting for having food at home. Rather than going out in public places. This impact of the COVID-19 is far-reaching and quite significant. Now its been declared epidemic it could be devastating to the food industry as social distancing continues to change. On the other hand, the business of the food industry is quite precarious and has a lack of security for the majority of the people who are working in this industry.

Effects Of Corona Virus On Seattleas Local Food Business:

Just when we thought things could not get any worse, COVID-19 reached our shores. And the once city, which is in the center of the outbreak in Seattle. With the very first reported deaths in the country along with the rising number of cases. Made people panic in some way, which, as a result, caused a significant set back in the restaurant scene in Seattle.

The business is getting worse day by day, and the chefs and owners are coming out with everything they possibly can to clam down the fear. Which the people have in their minds regarding this epidemic. But there is hope after all.

What Is Coronavirus And Can It Be Transferred Through Food?

A type of virus that belongs to the large family of viruses, which leads to respiratory system illness. In addition to this, it includes viruses that cause common cold and flu. On the other hand, it could lead to some severe diseases like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

With the shared experience with the patient who was diagnosed with SARS and MERS that people can not get infected from the virus through food in any way. Thus, if you are hearing someone saying not to eat outside food, you need to clear out there miss conception. Coronavirus needs a host to be spread. It could be a human or an animal to multiply itself. It cannot be grown into food, which is a non-living thing. If you, through cook your food it will kill the virus. Any heat treatment of at least 30 mins at 60 degrees Celcius will be able to kill the SARS virus.

What Can People Of The Food Industry Do?

It is possible that a person who is in the food industry and cooking and is infected with the Coronavirus can contaminate the food which they are working on, or they could put the virus on the surface from where the food is being served. It could be transferred if the cook who is infected coughs, sneezes, and come in contact with the food and other things which could get on the table of the ones who are coming to eat food.

The world health organization WHO advises that standard recommendations to reduce exposure to and transmissions of this disease by maintaining the following precautions.

Food workers are needed to wash there hands before they step inside the kitchen where they are working to prepare food. Also, they are needed to wash off their hands before handling ready to eat food. Including after serving up the food and managing the waste

Likewise, a food worker must keep a distance from people and avoid any physical contact with coworkers as a precautionary step. Lastly, follow the best food practices possible and try to make the food as safe as you can.

Are Meat Lovers In More Danger Than Vegetarians?

Well, a lot of people were speculating the connection between COVID-19 and meat. Well, let us clear here one thing. Food, no matter whether its a beef or a vegetable. This fake news has caused thousands of farmers and businesses to hit their rock bottom profits. And the people in the entire cycle of the meat industry have been affected. So keep your eyes and ears open and correct if someone if they are spreading the false news.

meat lover
The City Of Angles Food Industry Is Under COVID-19 Radar

Many famous restaurants are being closed due to the outbreak of the virus, and the LA County public health department is urging pregnant ladies and elderly citizens to stop attending public gatherings until it is safe. On the other hand this is bad news for kids as Disneyland also closes its doors for the public from March 14 until the end of the month. The fans coming in for the latest food items at Star Wards: Galaxy is Edge will have to wait for a while to have their experience in Disneyland this is the fourth time in the history of the park since its inception that it has been ceased out service


On the other hand, the OCM group the USA, an LA-based importer and marketer of Chinese foods in the states have said their company has seen the delay of about two weeks for goods which is coming from China. However, the marketing executive Sunday Li has said they have stocked up on products before the recent new year festival. As a result, they were able to fill up all their orders. Also, she said as the spread of the virus has been weakened in recent weeks in China, the production has resumed,

and she is hoping to receive products later this month. OCM also saw an increase in the sales of their self-stable food after the spread of the virus in the US. Because of customers anticipating that product availability could take a considerable toll.

Meanwhile, Expo West has been postponed. The natural product expo has been postponed to a new date, which is in mid-April, according to the latest announcement. The new hope which organizes this event is looking to have a drop in the attendance from 60% to 40%

Chinatown Businesses Are The Hardest Hit Industry

We all have been there every once in a while and love eating food, which is made on the streets of our local Chinatown. Well, they are the ones who were affected the most in this case. Just from the name, you can see the association of their business from the virus is an originating country. As a result, a lot of people have stopped taking food and other products from Chinatown stores. The Wellington Chen, executive director of the Chinatown partnership local development corp. In New York in her conversation has said that the business in the area has declined, but it has been rebounded a little bit after the news came in for the first time of Coronavirus outbreak in China. The partnership of the Chinatown is aiming to lower the effect of the epidemic by offering a special giveaway to encourage shopping in the area and around it.

Precautions Restaurants Are Taking

Do not worry if you can not make food at home. Restaurants have got your covered as you do have to be anxious about getting COVID-19. Many restaurants are working on increasing the cleanliness in their kitchen and are aiming to provide regular check-ups to their staff members. In addition to this, the National Restaurant Association has suggested restaurants and hotels offer hand sanitizer and tissues to their customers to give them a little bit of extra comfort level. Likewise, restaurant owners are asking to keep cleaning shared service utensils more frequently, such as tables, chairs, and plates. And using fresh towels and cleaning cloths to maintain the high touch surfaces as clean as possible. This is the time to follow the precautionary steps and do as the health organizations are telling us to do. If you are an owner or a food maker in the restaurant, make sure you stay away from a person who shows the signs. And keep a check on yourself too, if found positive, ask for the medical help as soon as possible and isolate yourself from your coworkers.

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